Dustless Blasting Surface Preparation

CIS, Inc. is “Going Green!!” introducing the new “green” dustless blasting service, and our innovative 100% biodegradable organic rust remover and corrosive inhibitor. CIS dustless blasting, we Blast above the Rest!!

The Future of Surface Preparation: Providing a dust free environment, this system protects the surrounding area and equipment from any contamination. It also allows work to continue in adjacent areas and prepares the surface for any paint or epoxy application. Our on-site services are performed eliminating the expense of shipping the components off-site or to the manufacturer, providing savings to our customers.

Glass Grit
Shape: Angular
Density: 1300 kg/m³ – 80 lbs/ft³ MOHS = 5,5
Packaging: Skids of 63 bags of 22.7 kg or 1.4 T/M super bags
Colour: Whitish green
Available in 10/20, 20/30 and 30/60 mesh sizes
Iron-free product, recommended for cleaning stainless steel and aluminum alloy surfaces
Contains less than 1% of free silica
Leaves a clean surface (SP5 on steel)