Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know my equipment is clean?

ph-scaleOur Descalers pH range is between 0 and 1.5, depending on which product you are using and what type of metal is present in your system. There is only one reason for the pH to go up and that is if there is still scale present in your equipment. (Rust or Iron Oxide is different).

If the pH does not increase, your piece of equipment in most cases is clean. (While you are circulating the Descaler in your equipment and the pH goes up to 2.5 or around 3 when checked, add more Descaler to get the pH back down to 1pH or lower. Repeat this process if needed)

What is the time period to clean my equipment?

Check our “how to use page” for charts on how much Descaler is to be used and for how long. All equipment has a different amount and circulation time period.

Why is your Descaler mildly corrosive?

When you call and ask about our products we’ll help you understand the difference between mildly corrosive vs. non-corrosive. We care about your machinery and for the safety of your employees. Watch out for non-corrosive claims from other companies. Our Descalers have the best corrosion rates on all types of metals. Compared to all other companies we have the lowest!

Is our Descalers safe on your skin?

Our Descalers are safe on your skin. But this is a chemical that contains acid, so use all precaution to protect yourself and your employees. On our SDS it states to use safety glasses and rubber gloves. We take great pride in the safety of our products and most important we care about your employees. If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

What diluting rate should you use with your descalers?

If your water cooled equipment has never been cleaned before, we recommend 100%. After the first cleaning, you can use a 50/50 water mixture. In some cases, you can use even less .

Why do we offer so many different types of descalers?

Precision Dynamics, Inc. manufactures different Descaler formulas because an “all in one” chemical Descaler is not safe on all types of metals. When our customers call to ask information about our Descalers, we always ask is what type of metal is present. It’s a simple yet profound question.

For Example, if an HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) product is used on Stainless Steel, it will over time, penetrate the passivation of the equipment and cause stress cracks.

Please call us to better understand the proper Descaler for your machinery. Do not risk down time by destroying the metal that is present in your water cooling equipment.